Friday, September 30, 2016


First there was  Rosie O’Donnell,
whom Trump said was a fat little pig.  
She should've replied nautically that his ass 
was as big as a hermaphroditic brig.

Then there was Miss Universe.
In the first  presidential  debate,
Trump said she was fat, fat, fat,  
because she ate, ate, ate.

When Hillary gained forty pounds,
did Trump  think a fat first lady
could do a better job than Belichick
pass protecting Tom Brady?

What gal’s safe from Trump's fat jibes?
Will he say our Statue of Liberty,
which weighs 450,000 pounds,
should lay off the French pastry?

What he's uptight about now
is can he clear the last hurdle
in the presidential race, namely,
the rumor that he wears a girdle?

            Robert Forrey, 2016

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