Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shitty Manager Allen at Wit's End

Convicted perjurer Derek Allen's at "his wit's end."
(In case you're wondering, the above photo has not been photoshopped.)

When he became City Manager with Kevin W. Johnson's connivance, I publicly expressed the opinion that Derek Allen, based on his resumé and his conviction for perjury, is not suited for any public office because he appears to be emotionally, if not mentally, unstable. It was recently reported in the online Portsmouth Daily Times that Allen complains of being "at his wit's end." What is driving him crazy? Apparently emails. He finds the emails he gets as city manager driving him to distraction. If that is all it takes, then please join me in sending him an email urging him, before he has a nervous breakdown, to resign. He will be better off out of office and so will the city.

Robert Forrey

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