Thursday, March 16, 2017

Buried by Their Own Offal

               “Landslide at Ethiopian Garbage Dump Kills over 100”
                                                               News item.

Homo sapiens arose in Ethiopia long ago
and the first cultivated plants took root
there where now garbage dumps grow
like gargantuan piles of ill-repute

where the refuse of human consumption
rises like festering skycrappers of offal,
monuments to egregious primate gumption
that thinks glass, plastic and metal good landfill 

on which archipelagos of trash arise
on dumps predestined to be Mt. Ararats
where surviving Noahs, with bloodshot eyes, 
will find broken bottles of Bud and Labatt’s.

Progress began thousands of years before  
those titanic mountains of trash we climb.
When will return the pristine prime? 
No more! No, never more!

                             Robert Forrey

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